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Harry one direction girlfriend

Do you know Harry, a cute guy from popular teenage band 1D? If you are teenager, there is high possibility that you do, and slightly lesser possibility that you heard one of his songs on radio, youtube or other places. This tells a lot about this famous guy.

Harry One Direction girlfriend Taylor Swift 

Believe me when I say that his popularity is about to rich its peak in the years to come. I mean, he is only at the beginning of his career. But who dates such a big star? Who is Harry one direction girlfriend? Let’s find out!

What types of girls he likes?

According to many rumors and pictures of him where he is seen with many different girls, it looks like all of them are his type of girl, which produces the thought that he is a womanizer, big time. Ideal Harry one direction girlfriend type does not exist, because he is in the faze of crazy hormones, which reflects his love life.  It is not a secret that he dates even the women much older than him. Source close to 1D band member said he used to date even a decade older women. So, is there any hope for one girl to catch him? Maybe, but later rather than sooner it might just happen. Now, he enjoys his popularity the most and of course he experiments in relationships, it is kind of normal for his age. Girls like popular musicians and he is just one in line of big stars who gets to enjoy their success. This is maybe the main reason not just for Harry one direction girlfriend to be, but other girls of popular stars to feel jealousy.

He dates older girl

Harry one direction girlfriend rumor has the daughter of famous Rod Stewart as Harry girlfriend, although she is fourteen years older than him. It is really true? How could this be possible for such a star of his teenage age to date fourteen years older woman? The answer is…wait for it… yes it is the truth! He really dates Kimberly Stewart. But why many girls might ask? Answer to this question is simple. She is older and experienced, but the most important fact is that she looks like a rocket. She is supermodel for god’s sake. Who would not love to date with woman of such great body?

How did they get together?

Taylor Swift, Harry's girlfriend

Harry one direction girlfriend Kimberly went to dinner with him in LA and later they went to his place and there they spend the night together. It is a clear signal there were sparkles between them. They even attended the concert of her dad, ever popular Rod Stewart.

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